About Us

SmartWave is a vertically integrated team of engineers, scientists and technicians that provide design-through-manufacturing capability. SmartWave specializes in sensing, component authentication, low energy circuit design and complete “End to End” IoT solutions that optimize performance and cost between hardware, communication technology, and cloud-based applications.

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The SmartWave Overview

Fact Sheet: End-to-End IoT Solutions

Fact Sheet: Authentication & Sensor Technology

Fact Sheet: Engineering, Design & Manufacturing

What We Do

SmartWave develops, designs and manufactures the electronic and electromechanical systems at the heart of many of today’s leading products.  We specialize in a wide range of sensors and product verification technologies that are all connected to our IoT ecosystem.

We specialize in providing our customers with industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities that complement their internal product innovation and development objectives.

Ensuring that offshore manufacturing meets world-class standards requires special skills, teamwork and experience. We combine the three under one roof such that our customers benefit from low-cost manufacturing while also enjoying world-class design and a single source of accountability.

How We Do It

We can work collaboratively or independently. At SmartWave, we tailor our solution to your style. Working with you, the SmartWave team provides customers with a seamless support structure within the framework of your own product development process.

SmartWave also has the capacity to work independently to deliver complete solutions and products when the client’s resources are constrained or you need additional innovative thinking, high quality and speed to market.

Where We Do It

SmartWave supports customers through its design center in Toronto which seamlessly integrates to supply products from SmartWave’s global manufacturing facilities.

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Chicago HQ
Sales, marketing and administration

Toronto Design Center
Design, engineering, testing, and assembly

Brampton, Canada; Huizhou, Guangdong, China; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Penang, Malaysia