SmartWave founder Peter Zosimadis always liked a challenge–and creating a solution to solve the problem. That zeal drives him, and the SmartWave team, to turn problems into opportunities.

Peter’s inspiration: 25 years ago, Peter’s mother was caring for Casandra, Peter’s then three-year-old niece. While Peter’s Mom was washing dishes, his niece climbed on the counter and turned on the hot water to help with the chore. Scalding water poured out of the faucet, startling Casandra and sending her backwards off the counter, hitting her head and causing a trip to the hospital. Fortunately, Casandra was okay, though it gave Peter an idea: could faucets be safer?

He began working on a solution, and 12 months later, Peter devised the world’s first hands-free faucet attachment that eliminated the risk of scalding. Not long after, Peter founded SmartWave to create, design and engineer technology solutions for customers around the world.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, SmartWave delivers innovative, business-changing electronic and electro-mechanical delivery systems for companies in the healthcare, hygiene, sanitary, plumbing supply and other markets who need precise dispensing systems.

Founded in 1994, the company designs and manufactures proprietary products for clients around the world. That’s why you won’t see our customers’ names on this web site. We deliver for you.

Sense, verify, dispense with SmartWave Technologies.